Love not Hate.

Le Tout Nouveau Testament (The Brand New Testament)

They say “people who are awake during the hours of two am to four am are the loneliest” but what if I told you I’m not one of them? I’m not lonely or alone. Neither I’m sleepless or tired. I’m not finishing some goddamn paper like I used to back in college. Maybe I’m just having an existential crisis. Read More »

Missing the joy of creating worlds out of words.

I miss the joy of writing. I miss typing on my keyboard raging endlessly and carelessly, weaving words I couldn’t understand but knows very well because it came from the deep recesses of my heart with a mix of intense emotions. I miss being in my safe zone. A place to steam off the anger, frustrations, and the sadness whenever anxiety attacks and depression kicks in. I just miss creating worlds out of words.

New day, New dawn.


I have been struggling to find my purpose and identity for years and it never occurred to me that by surrounding myself with people and things that I love, I’d eventually find what I’ve been looking for. I admit, I am not good at many things and I try to excel with what I can get my hands on. My mother signed me up in a ballet class when I was five but after a few months, she had to pull me out because of a misunderstanding. I used to play the piano when I was twelve and eventually learned how to play the guitar but as the days passed by, I’ve grown tired of practicing and started to lose interest in reading the notes. I wish I had the enthusiasm and energy to finish what I started back then so maybe, I might have something that I can be proud of today.

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