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Hello, my name is Janna and welcome to my blog Collecting Embers. I made this blog to keep my hands occupied. I used to have a blog back when I was thirteen back when I document my life every single day. But I lost interest when I got into college. I like to re-do everything so maybe I had thirty deleted blogs before this. I promise to keep this one because I was getting tired of re-doing everything and I easily forget things nowadays so I want to keep the memories this time. Also, if you’re wondering, now I don’t have a theme for my blog. I just like it as it is- raw and pure of creative ideas from me and the things I see on the web that interests me.

I like reading books and well, watch movies and tv series. I have a ‘watched’ list of movies you can find here. I’m a fan of Game of Thrones and The Flash (well, superhero tv shows from The CW) and maybe that makes me a geek. I have two dogs, Taba (he’s called Gaby on his birth certificate) and Nori, a maltese-shih tzu puppy.