Note to Self: Your life, Your rule.

Enjoy the life you have or just try to. There’s beauty everywhere. You are loved, you are beautiful, you are amazing. So if you’re doubting yourself again, take a time to read this list I made for you to make you feel better ❤️

  • Don’t  mind what people will say or feel about you or your actions. So do the things that will make you happy and not guilty.
  • Dedicate everything you do to yourself.
  • Love yourself every single waking day. Love your body as well.
  • Remove temporary and toxic people in your life.
  • Do not do it for the hype. Do not want a thing because it’s a hype. Do not do it because it’s the hype. If it will make you happy, then just do it.
  • Think like there is no box.
  • Walk out from your comfort zone and start risking.
  • Create. Create. Create.
  • Live. Live. Live
  • Love. Love. Love
  • Find something to do on your free time that will benefit your growth as a person. Do not consider the internet or updating your social media.
  • Find a real hobby. And be immensely active on it.
  • Get a life. Pick up a new hobby.
  • Happiness doesn’t always have to be expensive.
  • Explore. Get lost.
  • Do not overthink things.
  • Read. More. Books
  • Respect everyone and leave them be if they do not respect you.
  • Be content with what you have.
  • Spend time alone. Being alone lets you think about your life lately.
  • Do not overspend.
  • Do say you want it just because you need it. Do not say you need it just because you want it.
  • It’s okay not to wear make-up as long as you’re presentable.
  • Ignore the people who flaunt your flaws.
  • Fuck society. This life is your own. Live it fully.
  • There is always time for things that matter.


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