Love not Hate.

Le Tout Nouveau Testament (The Brand New Testament)

They say “people who are awake during the hours of two am to four am are the loneliest” but what if I told you I’m not one of them? I’m not lonely or alone. Neither I’m sleepless or tired. I’m not finishing some goddamn paper like I used to back in college. Maybe I’m just having an existential crisis. I watched this good film, The Brand New Testament on YouTube (with subtitles) and I decided to write it down so I can remember it next time I feel useless. At least as I was writing this, I do feel like I’m good for nothing unemployed ~millennial~.  Millennial. I misspelled a word that has been used and abused in the past few years (yes, I did. Does that mean I’m not one? Just kidding) I don’t know if I should love or hate that word. To me, the word is too vague even though it has been defined by many. I don’t want to label myself as one even though I fall into that category.

Anyway, I can feel it’s the end of the world and humanity because of the news I read every day. It breaks my heart to read stories of oppression because *they* deemed themselves as supreme exclusive beings. In the end, we’re all going to turn into ashes so what’s the point of spreading hate and fear to your fellow human beings? I just hope there’s someone who will save us from this wrath like god’s daughter, Ea from the movie I mentioned above.

We all know it will not be better (for the next six or eight years) but I stand with you all the way. To anyone who has been attacked by words of hate or has done you harm physically, I am with you. We will fight every day to make this world feel a little less like hell than it should be.


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