Hello, Nori!


Hello, meet Nori the Maltese-Shih Tzu 🐶!. He’s 1 month old and has grown attached to me since we got him last Tuesday. He cries whenever I’m not around and he’s very playful. He likes to chase our feet while we walk around the house and loves to chew on our slippers. He sleeps beside me on his first two nights until I decided to put him on a dog cage that is big enough for him. The reason why I put him on a cage is he starts to be aggressive towards us and I’m just afraid one day my father might kick him out of annoyance.

I remember our old dog Anya, a white Japanese Spitz while playing with him. Anya’s a very sweet dog and she’s got really pretty fur too. But my brother lost her when he left the house gates open. I came back from school hoping to get a hug from Anya but she’s gone. I miss her terribly every day and maybe one day I’d get another Spitz and name her Anya, too. I hope when Nori grows up he’ll be sweet and kind to strangers.


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