A letter to my 21 year-old self

Dear Self,

Please stop doubting yourself. It will do you no good. Please know that a person’s path in life is different from each other. No path is alike. Therefore, the victory of someone else’s is not your defeat. And your defeat is not a victory of someone else.

I am writing this to you because I can see that you are feeling worthless again. You thought you’re not smart just because you saw that their life was so much better when one has achieved academic excellence or is marked by a number that tells how they do well in school. I sensed that you wished to restart your life all over again. But dear, this is not social media where you can delete your account and start over again from scratch. That is not the way of life.

The way of life is by continuing to do better than yesterday. It is by understanding, loving, and the perseverance you give to these adherences. The way of life does not stop even if you don’t know where you are going. It is by taking a deep breath, thinking you have come so far from where you’ve been, and continuing to the path you dreamed when you are still a child.

Each one of us has a different way of life. My wish for you is to not abandon your path just because you thought the path of someone else’s is better than yours. You thought you have lost your way but my dear, you are not. You are just taking a break.

You are just taking a break.

Cheers (enjoy the life of being an unemployed, wrecked, millennial),



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