Note to Self: Cat Grant on diving into new waters.

“Dive. You’re standing on a shore afraid to dive into the new waters and you’re afraid because you don’t wanna say goodbye to the mild-mannered, lovelorn Kara Denvers, the sweet and beautiful assistant to Cat Grant. You are standing there looking out at your options. The icy blue water, the fast-flowing river, and the choppy sea and they all look very appealing to you because you’re dying to go for a swim but you know that water is going to be cold and the journey is going to be hard and when you reach the other side, you will have become a new person. And you’re scared to meet that new version of yourself.

Now, we all get used to our own personas and we’re used to our own comfort zones but trust me, in order to live, we must keep daring, keep diving.”

Cat Grant (Supergirl S02E01)


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