Dear Soul,

Dear soul, this is what I want from you… I want you to be happy. I want you to wake up every morning knowing you are loved by the most important person in your life and that is you. I want you to talk to people, old/young, learn what makes their world go round. I want you to laugh, laugh a lot. I want you to do things for yourself by yourself and know if you ever need a hand to hold you have your own. I want you to keep your family close and continue to make memories with them. I want you to travel and learn about different parts of the world and become inspired. I want you to keep your heart open and let people in. To always learn from life and know when 1 door closes another 1 opens, always. To be kind and love your enemies even if you don’t understand why, one day you will. I want you to listen to your heart and always follow the path in which it leads you, even if in the end it breaks. You have given all those broken pieces a chance to re build so your heart can be stronger then it’s ever been. Don’t be scared, this is your rebirth. I want you to handle criticism, as your soul I am not afraid to of it because I know it will help me evolve. I want you to learn to be gentle with your ego and show it the world is a beautiful place. This is what I want from you…I want you to be happy.

Bianca Ciliberto via wnq-writers

Hello, Nori!


Hello, meet Nori the Maltese-Shih Tzu 🐶!. He’s 1 month old and has grown attached to me since we got him last Tuesday. He cries whenever I’m not around and he’s very playful. He likes to chase our feet while we walk around the house and loves to chew on our slippers. He sleeps beside me on his first two nights until I decided to put him on a dog cage that is big enough for him. The reason why I put him on a cage is he starts to be aggressive towards us and I’m just afraid one day my father might kick him out of annoyance.

I remember our old dog Anya, a white Japanese Spitz while playing with him. Anya’s a very sweet dog and she’s got really pretty fur too. But my brother lost her when he left the house gates open. I came back from school hoping to get a hug from Anya but she’s gone. I miss her terribly every day and maybe one day I’d get another Spitz and name her Anya, too. I hope when Nori grows up he’ll be sweet and kind to strangers.

“I stopped dreaming dreams”

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“Will you tell me your dreams?” He asked. His eyes fixated on mine.

“I can’t. And I’d rather won’t.” I said as I looked down on my fingers, putting pressure on my palm as I press my thumb on it, forming a knuckle. “You’ll get disappointed with what I have to say about your question.” I held my gaze on my fingers as I press my right thumb harder on my palm, causing my skin to form red marks.

“Why is that?” He asked. I can see him watching me dug my nail harder to my skin.Read More »

Nakauwi na

Naglalakad ang dalawa patungo sa papalubog na araw, ang kanilang silweta ay nakapinta sa naglalarong kulay asul at kahel sa langit. Isang nakabibinging katahimikan ang bumalot sa dalawang pusong gusto nang bumitaw ngunit tila may mga bagay na kumakapit sa mga ito. Mga ala-ala, oras, at takot. Takot na mawala ang matagal ng ninanais, mawala ang pagkakataon na sumaya muli.

Hanggang sa magdilim ang paligid at ang kulay ng langit ay tumulad sa kanilang nararamdaman, puno ng lungkot na may halong pagkadismaya sa mga hindi nasambit na salita.